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Ashley Teer Spiritual Hypnotherapy Past Life/Galactic Regression 

A Spiritual Feeling

Who am I ? Why am I here? What is my life purpose? What is life all about? Where do my loved ones go when they pass on? If you're anything like me you would have asked yourself at least one of these questions in your lifetime. I'm here to say I may not have all the answers to these questions but isn't that half the fun in life the experience of finding out. What if I told you there was a leveling up in this game called life. An ace of spades you could obtain to make life easier in every aspect. Would you be interested? This is an invitation to you to delve deep into layers of yourself and your awareness. To harness your own personal power to become a more holistic individual. Follow me on Tiktok for the most up to date content, tiktok handle @ashleyteer1111

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My Journey


An introduction is in order my name is Ashley Teer and I personally want to thank you for joining me on my website. I am a Spiritual Medium Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past/Quantum Life Regressionist,Inspirational speaker and Healer of Negative Self Beliefs. I also have a qualification in Counselling and use the powerful healing modality of the psyche Sovereign Alchemy. I have given spiritual addresses around Ireland and ran charity evenings of medium-ship. I have connected with students while running meditation classes and taught at a spiritual retreat with international tutors. My main passion and focus is with the spiritual realms. Through extensive years of meditation practice I have cultivated a strong connection to a higher power. It is my intention to teach others to recognise their own power and claim their sovereignty. Thus enabling them to live a more spiritual and empowered life.

Through growing up in a destructive household and years of trauma as a child and adult I have had numerous brushes with death. I know I am here for a reason with purpose after a voice guided me to safety when my life was in danger at the age of twenty four. I believe this reason is to guide individuals on their spiritual journeys and awakenings. Using the Altered States I guide people to remedy their issues and heal their Negative Self Beliefs using Clinical Hypnotherapy and Sovereign Alchemy also a mixture of both. I also offer angel card readings for life guidance. This tool enables me to sense elements of your journey so far, where you are at present also possibilities and probabilities for your future potentials. I also offer mediumship readings for connections to loved ones passed. Creating a safe space for healing to occur. Demonstrating that life is everlasting.

I have spent years building myself up to become a more inspired motivated and holistic individual. I have spent years on personal development and doing the inner work that is necessary to become a more balanced individual. I have also spent many years, researching and studying spiritual philosophy and psychology building my awareness. My passion in life is to empower others to recognise their own greatness which each soul possesses. To remove those blocks that hold us back and give a broader perspective. I have walked the difficult path and wish to share with others the benefit of my experience.

I run classes, workshops and retreats in person and online. 

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Services I Offer

Experience You Can Trust

I find so much joy in helping my clients reach their highest potential. My psychic guidance comes from a deep soul level and unconditional love. My clients find that the channeled message they receive from their spirits and angels provide extremely helpful and healing guidance. Take a look at all of the services I offer below, and start connecting with the outside universe today.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy/Past life and Galactic Regression 

In this session we will be working with your subconscious and superconscious mind. This part of the mind deals with your emotions, habits, beliefs, your long term memory and your protector mechanism. Myself as your guide will enable you to access this deeper part of the mind to get to the root cause of your emotional pain and disturbances. We will work together for you to reframe negative memories and replace negative emotion with positive. Future pacing you for balance and success.

Issues that can be dealt with include:




*Panic attacks



*Stress management

*Anger issues

*Public speaking

*Peak performance

*Confidence issues and confidence building 

*Emotional issues 

*Relationship issues and any emotional problems

Past life and Galactic Regression 

Myself as your guide will enable to access Past lives, live between lives and also delve into your Galactic origins if you wish. The intention is to access three Past lives also life between lives or a Galactic journey to meet your star heritage. On this journey you may retrieve knowledge and wisdom in your day to day life. This is a very healing journey. You will also be able to ask your higher self a number of questions. 

* Depending on the issue three sessions may be required, Past life and Galactic Regression one session only and all sessions are conducted online*

Results are not guaranteed 

Sovereign Alchemy

Sovereign Alchemy is a powerful ancient healing modality of the Psyche. I was taught by a very Wise knowledgeablele tutor. This session is  very unique and it is used to remove negative self beliefs using visualisation and healing energy. Tapping into your superconscious mind we will call in your guides, helpers and your higher self to assist in this process. I will also call in my guides helpers and higher aspect to hold space in this process. There will be time at the end of you wish to connect in with your spirit guide and spirit animal. This part of the session is experimental and requires an open mind. 

Angel Card Reading

In this reading I use Angel Cards to connect with your soul. We will explore your past present and future possibilities and probabilities. This reading is for life Guidance and is given to empower you. To enable you to make your own choices to live your best life and embrace your potential. 
These are conducted via voicenote you can choose one area of your life for example, love, career, or a general reading which lasts approx 15 mins and costs £30 many thanks.
***please note i dont offer health or pregnancy***

Mediumship Reading

***Not offering at present***
In this type of reading I will endeavour to connect to loved ones passed. An open mind is needed as I can not guarantee a specific person will come through. I use my awareness to connect to the spiritual realm which can bring you as the sitter healing and comfort. Please be open to your reading being a mixture of both psychic and mediumship.
***Not offering at present***

Intake Session

​This session is about getting to the root cause of what your issues are. Whether that be fears, phobias, confidence issues, relationship issues, self-esteem issues and a wide variety of other emotional disturbances. Using sovereign Alchemy we can look at negative self beliefs that may hold you back in life, that you feel stuck with or is stopping you reaching your full potential. I also offer sessions for peak performance. Us as partners will come up with a tailored plan to suit your needs. There is also the option of a mixture of Hypnotherapy and Sovereign Alchemy. If the intake is for past life regression we will identify themes and patterns in your current and past lives. I offer many extras which include inner child work, the spiritual aspect of meeting your higher self or spirit guides and your spirit animal. Working with the superconscious mind which is your spiritual connection to bring back higher guidance and wisdom for your life. There will also be a section of future pacing success which will be recorded, edited and sent to you as an added extra bonus all these options at no additional cost. This session lasts between 45 mins to 1 hour.

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The Sovereign Journey Course

The Sovereign Spirit Course


If you are seeking to uncover deeper layers of yourself and let go of chains and conditions from your past. If you wish to rid yourself of negative self beliefs. If you want to connect to your own divine personal power. If you have a craving that you want more from life. If you wish to gain purpose, perspective and live a life with meaning. If you have an interest in being the best version of yourself. If you are spiritually curious and wish to evolve and move in the right direction. If you have a feeling there's more to life and you seek to experience it. If you wish to feel inspired, motivated and be connected to your sovereignty which is your birthright. Then this is the course for you. There will be six lessons with contemplative questions you will ask yourself with numerous accompanying videos. Taking you through life's developmental psychological stages. There will be a quiz to figure out how empowered you feel. There will also be six unique healing hypnotherapy meditations which are mixed with binaural beats composed by a music producer. These hypnotherapy meditations will enable you to discover yourself,let go of the past, take responsibility for yourself and your life, gain perspective and awareness on you and your life, enable you to begin to live a life with purpose and meaning, connect to your spirit guides and move forward as the powerful individual you were created to be. Using your own power to create the life you truly want for yourself and partake in future pacing your mind for success and fulfilment. As you move through each lesson you will have exercises and tasks to complete. There will also be bonus videos and material. The purpose of this course is to enable you to become a more complete holistic spiritual individual.

*Access To Dropbox & Youtube Required*

If you purchase the course you will gain access to a private YouTube channel for multiple instruction videos on the Lesson plan and bonus material. You will then be required to supply your email address and have Dropbox downloaded. I will then send you the how Empowered do you feel quiz. The six lessons and also the six healing hypnotherapy meditations to download and keep. 

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